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Vinicola Serena

Vinicola Serena was founded in 1881 and since then has never ceased to innovate, adapting to the times and the demands of the market while attention to quality, the environment and especially the customer remain unchanged. 
The corporate management is now in its fifth generation under the guidance of two brothers Gerardo and Giorgio Serena, who are helped by their children Chiara and Luca.
Inside the company, more than a hundred years of history and tradition blend with innovation and the most up to date machinery, allowing it to achieve significant production volumes and meet the diverse needs of customers, providing them with the peace of mind to trust a safe and competent company.
The customer has a wide range of choice of different types of wine in both barrels and bottles with different brands and different

types of products including DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) and DOCG (Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin) fizzy and sparkling wines, especially Prosecco, and quality red and white IGT wines.
The company, located in Conegliano, manages different stages of the production cycle from procurement of the raw material - the prized grapes from the hills of Conegliano in the Veneto region – to the processing and laboratory control of the product, from fermentation to bottling and drumming, from storage to transportation.
Vinicola Serena boasts a large productive power which, combined with experienced teams and organized logistics, allows a worldwide distribution.


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A great toast with the Ville d'Arfanta line for the first birthday of the Pastry Concept, the Pastry school owned by Leonardo di Carlo


300 guests at the Dina Orsi theatre to celebrate the first anniversary of Pastry Concept, the Pastry school in Conegliano, created by Leonardo Di Carlo, the pioneer of the Scientific Pastry. Cheers with our Ville D’Arfanta line, perfect to celebrate this event. 

Gilbert and Gaillard: Terra Serena received two silver medals


Terra Serena, brand of Vinicola Serena, is pleased to announce the win of two Silver Medals in the "autumn" session of the prestigious Gilbert&Gaillard international contest for its aromatic, persistent and recognizable definition. 

Villa Arfanta conquering Poland


A group of Polish clients, together with the distributor Wine Avenue from Varsavia, who has the Villa Arfanta line in exclusive for the East Europe area. There were the 3 Head sommeliers from the Hilton Warsaw, the Hotel Narvil and the White Marlin, the Director of the Sodova Hotel and the owner of the Sam restaurant in Varsavia, as representatives of all the Polish areas, in order to have a better comparison